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S7 Premium Headphone Cables

S7 Premium Headphone Cables

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  • 8ft Premium Audiophile Headphone/Aux Cable
  • Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plugs
  • Separate Solid Conductor Cores Pure Copper for Superior Audio Signal Reproduction
  • Air geometry cable construction eliminates distortion
  • Multilayer shielding for interference free signal transfer
  • Much Improved Musicality especially in Imaging and Dynamic Range
  • Take a Listen to Hear the Difference! Made by RAMM Audio 

Air-Inside Cable Geometry:

  • FC6 Solid Core Pure Copper Signal Conductors
  • Polypropylene Dielectrics
  • FC6 Solid Core Pure Copper Drain Conductor
  • Two Individually Shielded Signal Lines
  • Air Geometry Insulation Minimizing Distortion
  • Multilayer Aluminum Foil Shielding Unwanted Interference
  • PVC Jacket for Integrity and Solid Protection with Overall 7.0mm Diameter

Audiophile Grade, Studio Quality at a Consumer Price.